North London Jujitsu Club

Junior Black Belts

A video showing the throws involved in a junior black belt grading.

Ground Techniques

Ground Techniques

Breaking a fall and defending from attacks while on the ground

Ground Techniques

Restraining Techniques

Restraining and pinning techniques. This is excellent for doormen and security staff

Restraining Techniques

Combination Techniques

Black Belts need to know advanced jiu jitsu combination techniques

Advanced Combination Techniques

#ThisGirlCan Videos

Our martial artists were featured in the latest This Girl Can TV Commercial.

This Girl Can

Strikes and Kicks

Watch the video on Jiu Jitsu defence against striking, kicking and punching

Strikes and kicks

Knife Attacks

Video showing some jaw dropping jiu jitsu defences against a knife attack.

Knife attacks

Women's Self Defence

Sensational video showing the awesome power of jiu jitsu for women.

Womens Self Defence

Chokes & Strangles

A video showing counter measures against chokes, strangles and grabs

Chokes and Strangles

Syllabus Techniques

Shot during a purple belt grading showing a wide range of self defence techniques

Traditional Japanese Weapons

Sensei McDade Profile

With a jiu jitsu career spanning 40 years, Kyoshi McDade achieves 8th Dan........

Restraining Techniques

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