Red Belt Jiu Jitsu Syllabus

Red Belt Jiu Jitsu Syllabus

The red belt is the first belt in the Total Self Defence Ltd syllabus

From day one of their training, student learn a variety of jaw dropping techniques, all of which are focused on effective street defence.

Red Belt Jiu Jitsu Techniques include

  • Learning how to break a fall
  • Defences on the ground
  • Escapes from Front & Back Strangles
  • Straight Arm Locks
  • Hip Throws
  • Shoulder Locks
  • Recumbent Ankle Throws
  • Blocking Kata
  • Demonstration of Kata Techniques with a partner

Red Belt Part 1 - Break Falling, Stances and Ground Defences

Red Belt Part 2 - Escapes from Front and Back Strangles

Red Belt Part 3 - Straight Arm Locks from a Standing Position

Red Belt Part 4 - Hip Throws

Red Belt Part 5 - Shoulder Locks

Red Belt Part 6 - Recumbent Ankle Throws

Red Belt Part 7 & 8 - Blocking Kata and Applications

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Youtube Channel

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