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Beginners Jujitsu Class

The beginner's class is the first experience your child will have in the martial arts and we believe this is one of the most important times in your child's personal development.

The class is to teach the children the basics of self-defence and also to teach them about themselves and there own capabilities. We aim to build on your child's self- confidence and encourage the students to work in teams and help each other. The children are also taught how to cope with bullying at school.

Kids Jujitsu

The students will learn how to break fall if they are attacked without harming themselves and how to take up a ground defence should they find themselves on the ground and this is vital for all students.

The grades for the beginners class start off with Red belt and progress to Orange Belt black stripe then when the students show that they are ready to grade to full Orange belt they are promoted to the Black Belt Club.

Black Belt Club

This class is for those students that have progressed through the grading program and have reached the grade of full Orange belt, and have shown maturity and commitment to achieve their ultimate goal of reaching Black Belt.

The class is more advanced than the beginners in that the students start to learn how to work as pairs with their training partners and are shown self-defence which involves throwing, grappling, striking, and moves that are specially designed for junior students so they can eventually become junior black belts and move on to the senior adult class.

The benefits your child would gain from learning all the skills involved in learning Ju-Jitsu and Self-Defence will also help in every aspect of your Childs life:


Some children take a bit longer to adapt than others, however the end results have been proven to help children 100% with their abilities and performance at school.

Class instructors are NVQ City & Guilds Qualified and have years of experience why not bring your child along and watch a class for yourself, after all, the week of training is FREE.

What the students say:

"What I think about ju-jitsu, because you are learning self-defence you are getting fit and it is fun. The teachers of ju-jitsu are really nice. What a lot of people don't know is that ju-jitsu keeps your body fit, you also learn about body parts. Come to ju-jitsu its fun and good for you." - Tarun

Jujitsu Poem by Christofer Christoforou

Ju-jitsu belts mean a lot,
I used to be a red belt, but now I am not.

Black is the highest, but there are some dans,
I am far from it, but I have some plans.

My sensei is funny, he's a high black dan,
He has the moves, and he is the man.

My partner is Lucas, he is just like me,
We throw each other around, and we let our emotions free.

Yes I am good, but not good enough,
You have to have skill, and you have to be tough

Thanks to Christofer Christoforou for the poetry contribution. Christopher also interviewed Sensei McDade on behald of all the kids in the club. Click on the link below to find out more.

Interview with Sensei

YouTube Channel

Youtube Channel

Take a look at our training videos on YouTube showing what to expect at gradings and lots more.


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