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Master Stephen McDade 8th Dan is one of the most highly experienced and highly qualified martial arts and self-defence instructors in the United Kingdom. He is an instructor of worldwide renown. He has over 40 years experience in self-defence and became a registered Black Belt Instructor in 1983. He holds many coaching qualifications from governing bodies all around the world he is also NVQ qualified (City & Guilds) in martial arts and self-defence management and is fully CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checked.

Steve Mcdade

He has taught self defence techniques to armed forces worldwide, police tactical units, and security forces.

Private classes are available at private venues and are available to Total Self Defence members, corporate clients, and the general public.

Private Tuition May Suit You

A busy professional that does not have the time to commit to regular classes and would like to still take a course in self-defence or may wish to go through the total self defence syllabus privately with some friends or colleagues. Classes can be specifically tailored to your needs.

Previous clients include; police officers, traffic wardens, underground staff, taxi drivers, nurses etc.

Tailor Made Self Defence Tuition

Learn some jawdropping self defence techniques that could save your life.

  • All women groups- Self-Defence & Self Awareness private classes
  • Advanced training beyond Black Belt for senior Instructors of Total Self Defence
  • Grading preparation classes for Total Self Defence students preparing for grading
  • Specific classes in self-defence against weapon attacks
  • Self-defence for children (minimum age 8 years)
  • Control and Restraining (very good for security sector)
  • Traditional weapons - Tonfa, Bo, Sai, Nunchacku Short stick and Yawara Stick
  • Ground defence - vital in all self-defence situations.

Private Tuition Fees

  • A private class can be 1-15 persons maximum.
  • At specified private venue preferred (equipment matted safety area etc included)
  • 40.00 per person per hour for up to 6 clients
  • Minimum hourly charge 160
  • There may be a small additional fee for the hire of the venue

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do I need to bring or wear? Just loose clothing a tracksuit would be ideal.
  2. Am I to old to do self-defence training? No you are never too old to train; we work at a pace that suits you
  3. Do I have to be fit? No we will help improve your overall fitness
  4. I have an injury can I still take part in? Yes but you will need a letter from your GP to say that your are safe to practice self-defence.

Should you need any further information please feel free to contact us

YouTube Channel

Youtube Channel

Take a look at our training videos on YouTube showing what to expect at gradings and lots more.


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Contact Steve McDade, our 8th Dan Jujitsu instructor, for friendly advice and any questions you may have about the jujitsu training

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