London JuJitsu Instructors

Professor J McDade

10th Dan Hanshi Black Belt

James McDade

Professor James McDade has dedicated his entire life to teaching Jitsu. He is internationally recognised as one of the leading exponents of this martial art and has trained since the 1960's.

James McDade

Professor S McDade

8th Dan Jujitsu Black Belt

Steve McDade

The son of Professor James McDade. He has held a black belt since 1983 and has been fortunate enough to have trained with and been taught by the most respected Ju-Jitsu masters worldwide.

Steve McDade

Sensei Ibushi Januzi

5th Dan Jujitsu Black Belt

James McDade

Sensei Ibushi Januzi is a 5th Dan black belt in jujitsu, a black belt in judo and a devastatiing MMA instructor with a specialist interest in advanced ground fighting techniques

Ibushi Januzi

Sensei Ioannis

4th Dan Jujitsu Black Belt

James McDade

Sensei Ioannis Amaslidis, whose tireless patience, devotion and enthusiasm for teaching jujitsu is a inspiration to everyone in the club.

Ioannis Amaslidis



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