Jujitsu Instructor Sensei Ibushi

Sensei Ibushi Januzi

5th Dan Belt Black In Jujitsu, Black Belt in Judo, MMA Instructor

I am from Kosovo, and while I was in my country I have been training in Judo and Karate for more than 5 years. But when I came to England I was very interested to start a new style, which is Ju-Jitsu.

Since I started training in Ju-Jitsu I have realised that I have got more confidence in myself and feel I can handle any situation far better than ever I could before, because in Ju-Jitsu we use the power of the attacker and we learn close and distance self defence fighting skills including grappling etc.

Ju-Jitsu, it is not just the art of self-defence, but it is also the art which teaches you to respect other people's responsibilities. Thanks to my professional instructor Prof Steve McDade 8th Dan and his father and all the other instructors from Total Self Defence.

Ibush runs a MMA Club on Wednesday and Friday nights, 7.30pm to 9.30pm. Click on the link below to find out more.

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Contact Steve McDade, our 8th Dan Jujitsu instructor, for friendly advice and any questions you may have about the jujitsu training
Sensei Ibush with 8th Dan Steve McDade
Sensei Ibush with 10th Dan James McDade
Sensei Ibush - Jujitsu and MMA Instructor
Sensei Ibush - Jujitsu and MMA Instructor
Sensei Ibush - Jujitsu and MMA Instructor