First Aid Training in Jujitsu

Instructors First Aid Training

St Johns Ambulance Certified

All Total Self Defence instructors and assistant instructors must complete a first aid course every 3 years. Please see below pictures of Instructors going through one of our first aid courses held at our Whetstone jujitsu academy.

The instructor from the British Red Cross was excellent and all instructors received a first aid certificate valid for 3 years.

First Aid Training

The course covers all basic first aid and is a save a life course, completing a first aid course is also a requirement for NVQ (City & Guilds) qualification in Coaching Teaching and Instructing Jujitsu. Total Self Defence Ltd is also a member of the Martial Arts Standards Agency.

Students First Aid Training

By the time they reach green belt, all students are taught basic anatomy and resuscitation techniques in case of accidents.

The students are taught what to do using scenarios such, severe winding, accidental strikes to the groin area, unconsciousness and broken bones.


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