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It covers all the student needs for their first grading to Red Belt, This DVD is very good for any students interested in the basics of jiu-jitsu covering learning how to fall correctly, dojo rules and etiquette.

Jujitsu DVD

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What's It About?

This DVD is a compact introduction to Professor McDade's system, obviously (as the title suggests) concentrating on the red belt syllabus, which includes break falls, locks, throws, blocks, finishing with a section on dojo etiquette and rules. As such it is a valuable guide to those looking to take their red belt and to those simply curious about the system's techniques.

What's Good About It?

The presentation in terms of production values is excellent, as is to be expected from the Two Dragons Production House and the DVD utilises their very functional martial arts studio. In terms of content, McDade is a confident host and the techniques are well displayed, shown from solid angles and benefiting from repetition and a variety of training partners.

What's Bad About It?

From a technical and production viewpoint, very little, as Professor McDade explains everything concisely to camera and demonstrates fluidly. The picture quality is clear as is the sound and the structure is straight forward and user friendly, the DVD running to a succinct but practical 45 minutes.


As mentioned, this will be a valuable purchase for students of Professor McDade's Jiu-Jitsu system but it will also have a wider field of interest due to the number of techniques needed for the grade and so it will appeal to anyone who has an interest in locks, holds, breaks and blocks, not only from a martial arts grading perspective but also with street application in mind, something that the DVD consistently refers the techniques back to.

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