Our Jujitsu Black Belts

Barnet Black Belts

Claire Pollitt 1st Dan
Claire began training in the early 1980's, achieving a black belt in 1986. She is just over five feet tall and very slightly built. However, her shape and size works to her advantage when using many of the jujitsu throwing techniques. She trains regularly at our Whetsone Dojo and is an excellent jujitsu role model for women

Sensei Clare Pollitt

Alan Leslie 3nd Dan
I started my Ju Jitsu career quite late (compared to most), in my early 30’s (not the 1930’s!). A friend of mine was a Black Belt at a club in Wanstead and one brave day, I joined the ranks of the white belts as a novice at this Club.............

Sensei Alan Leslie

Anna Smith 1st Dan
For women, Ju-Jitsu is an especially useful and practical Martial Art because it teaches you real defences against real attack scenarios. Size and strength do not matter as it works whatever your size, it’s all about technique and using them correctly, a poorly executed technique wouldn’t work whether you are an 8 stone female or a 16 stone man. At ‘Total Self Defence’ Jujitsu, emphasis is very much on teaching workable techniques.

Sensei Anna Smith

Harry Gross 1st Dan
Jujitsu has helped me throughout my life in a lot of ways. When I was a kid I had very bad anger management problems to put it mildly and needed specialist treatment to cope. Jujitsu training was an invaluable tool in my coping strategy.

Sensei Harry Gross

Dino Constantinou 2nd Dan
There are so many things that I love about jujitsu. I enjoy exploring techniques and working on them with others. It's nice to turn up the heat on a technique and see if it will work in a non compliant self defence, street scenario.

Sensei Dino Constantinou

Mike Balazy 2nd Dan
I discovered Total Self-Defence Ltd when I was in my mid 20s and have never looked back, I didnít know anything about Ju-Jitsu at the time, but I could see immediately that there was so much to learn and that this was the art for me.

Sensei Mike Balazy

Herts Black Belts

Steve Brooks 4th Dan
Jujitsu for me is a continuous challenge with many rewards and one of my main personal highlights was passing my 2nd Dan. As an instructor I am very passionate about supporting all students to believe in their individual abilities and realising their potential.

Sensei Steve Brooks

Usman Jaleel 1st Dan
I have been practicing Ju-Jitsu for the past 15 years and achieved my 1st Dan, whilst working as a Police Officer at Bedfordshire Police. I have found my confidence to have doubled when having to face conflicts and confrontations day to day.

Sensei Usman Jaleel

Steve Adams 3rd Dan
He started training at our Barnet Jujitsu Club in 2003 with instructors Sensei McDade,  after watching his children train. He was encouraged to start by Sensei Steve McDade, who has been a continuous influence and support since he started training.He achieved my 1st Dan in October 2010 and is presently 2nd  Dan.

Sensei Steve Adams

John Armstrong 2nd Dan
The skills that I have learnt have improved my co-ordination and balance. I have learnt how to defend myself from all situations including ground fighting, stand up defences, close quarter combat and I am now able to progress to Kobudo (weapons training).

Sensei John Armstrong

William Hunt 1st Dan
It is a privilege to receive instruction from Steve McDade - an instructor who combines unparalleled experience with real enthusiasm and a superb sense of humour. Now I have finally earned my black belt I look forward to the next stage of my journey in Jiu Jitsu.

Sensei William Hunt

Paul Webb 1st Dan
I tried Karate, Judo and Kung Fu when I was younger but my training tailed off as other things in life took over, leaving me less and less time to train. Years later I was out and about with my good friend when he said 'fancy doing a martial art?' A couple of days later I was back to being a nervous jelly again feeling like a complete misfit on the mat of Meadway Jujitsu Club...

Sensei Paul Webb


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