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I have been training in Ju-Jitsu with Total Self Defence Academy for the past 9 years and I can fully recommend the 38 months Black Belt program. The program involves all syllabus work and you take a grading every 3-4 months, the content of what you are getting taught is, in my opinion, the best self defence you can get.

You will be instructed in ground defences, grappling skills, and all forms of punches, kicks, locking combinations and throwing. Every street situation is covered from front strangles to defending from sharp edged weapons Make a life changing decision and sign up now.

P.C. Usman Jaleel, Bedfordshire Police
1st Degree Black Belt
I have been driving a black cab around London for over twenty years and as you can imagine I have dealt with some very excitable members of the public in that time. I signed up for the Black Belt program 7 years ago and the only complaint I have is that I did not do it many years ago. I have much more confidence in myself now and feel that I can handle any situation I find myself in far better than I ever could have imagined at one time.

I can remember an example where I was in a Hospital waiting room and a patient was getting very aggressive with both the hospital staff and members of the public. Security had been called but some action needed to be taken straight away and before I knew it, I had got up and applied a restraining hold on the man without causing him any harm and then handed him over to security.

I am absolutely certain that I would not have had the confidence in my ability to do something like this in a “REAL” situation had done jujitsu. it is not just a hobby to me but a way of life.

Osman , Southgate


As a woman you really do need to take measures to protect yourself. I have been training in Ju-Jitsu for 9 years. I have a friend who is a Black Belt champion in a punching and kicking art and had been training for many years.

One day she was attacked, and the attacker pulled her by the hair over her car bonnet. As she did not have any close-in fighting skills or grapple and strike skills, she was badly injured - she did not know what response to give to the initial attack. She was very upset about this.

However, at Total Self Defence Ju-Jitsu Academy I have been trained to deal with the above scenario and more, through both self awareness and self-defence skills.

Linda, Student , Enfield

I had my first exposure to martial arts, when as a teenager I obtained a book on Okinawan Karate. Not being able to find a Karate school locally (it was the 1960's), I started training in Judo, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

For the next decade and a half I tried many other martial arts, when a chance encounter at a local gym led me to Ju Jitsu. Immediately I was impressed with its completeness and no nonsense functionality.

I obtained my black belt (Shodan) six years ago and have gone on to achieve second degree black belt (Nidan).

Ju Jitsu is a complete martial art encompassing weapons as well as empty hand techniques and is a great way of developing confidence and fitness. It is suitable for all ages and is good for young people, giving them an understanding of respect in an age when sadly those commodities seem to be becoming rarer.

Robert Haringey


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