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National TV Ad Promoting Women in Sport

Total Self Defence trained Londrita Januzi, 16, and her sister Bleta, 15, have been unveiled as two the stars of the new advertising campaign to celebrate active women in sport.

Thsi Girl Can

You don’t mess about with these combative pair – who are spearheading a national campaign to encourage women to be more active. They've been training in Jujitsu at The Total Self Defence Dojo in Whetsone North London.

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The Sport England-backed This Girl Can campaign claims has inspired 2.8m women to become active, and has returned with posters across the streets of the UK. The TV advertising campaign was launched on the 24th February. Londrita and Bleta,feature on one of the posters, demonstrating the jiu-jitsu martial art and feature throughout the TV commercial

Bleta has practised it for nine years and has become a black belt under the tutelage of her dad Sensei Ibush, 5th Dan and Sensei Steve McDade, 8th Dan.


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