North London Jujitsu Club

Jujitsu Black Belts

Find out more about the Black Belts in our club. You just never know who is standing next to you.

Black belts

Our black belts come in all shapes and sizes, from all different backgrounds and with an amazing range of ages.

Our Black Belts

One to One Tuition

Private Self Defence Training

8th Dan jujitsu Master Steve McDade is for hire.

You may require advanced jujitsu training for an upcoming grading or competition. You may be a group of business executives interested in self defence, perhaps as a bonding day. You may be a group of women interested in learning some tailor made self defence techniques for the streets.

You can come to us or we can come to you. Whatever you decide, there is no doubt that you will benefit greatly from private tuition by one of the deadliest men ever to roam the streets of London.

Private Tuition

Kids Self Defence

The benefits of kids learning jujitsu cannot be stressed enough.

Jujitsu Kids

They will become more confident, fitter. stronger and more disciplined. Most importantly, jiu jitsu training teaches students to be respectful at all times.

Kids Self Defence

Street Self Defence

Jiu Jitsu - The Ideal Street Defence

Stay safe on the streets. Learn how to defend yourself both on the ground and standing up.

Street Self Defence

With a history going back to the Samurai, Jujitsu is the martial art of choice for jaw dropping street defence in modern Britain.

Street Self Defence

Women's Self Defence

Self Defence Training for Women

Womens Self Defence

There are many reasons why the deadly art of japanese jiu-jitsu is ideally suited to women's self defence.

Come along for a weeks FREE TRAINING to find out why.

Women's Self Defence


How much would you pay for the privilege of training with the 10th & 8th Dan McDade Jujitsu Dynasty?

Are you looking for word class tuition from some of the finest exponents of deadly jujitsu on the planet?

Are you looking for value for money, affordable, martial arts training for yourself or your kids?

Join Total Self Defence Ltd and change your life today.

Training at our London and Hertfordshire Clubs starts at an incredulous £5 per class!!!


Total Self Defence Ltd

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