Jujitsu Gradings

Jujitsu Gradings

When is the Next Grading?

Gradings in the club are held every four to six months. The instructors will put you up for a grading providing you have trained sufficiently to pass with ease.

For details of when, where, how much etc please see our Facebook Pages.

Jujitsu Grading

Grading, Belts and Dans

A little bit of history

In old Japan there were only 2 belts (white and black). Beginners started with white belts, and when instructors felt that they had earned respect, the black belt was awarded. From then on there are higher grades. Old schools called these higher levels Dan grades. In more modern times, the Dan system has been adopted.

In many schools (but not in all), there are 5 Dan grades that test upon technical content of the system, and 4 Dan grades that are given in recognition of service to the school and for development of a system. ShoDan is awarded for attaining black belt 1st degree; some schools have ShoDan Ho (black belt) before grading to 1st degree and gaining the title of sensei (teacher).

Traditionally there is a minimum time period between each degree of black belt before a black belt can be considered for grading to the next level, 1st to 2nd Dan two years, 2nd to 3rd Dan three years, 3rd to 4th Dan four years and so on. An Adult black belt is in most martial arts are minimum age of 16 years.

To reach 5th Dan Master would take a further 14 years from 1st Dan making them a minimum age of 30 years for a Master grade and a further 40 years to reach 10th Dan at 70 years of age as a minimum.

1st Dan to 5th Dan is technical gradings and 6th Dan to 9th Dan is awarded for services to the school or development of the system. 10th Dan is awarded posthumously and usually for the founder of a system.

In many systems, 5th Dan is the last rank you can learn a syllabus and sit a grading for. Obviously there may be exceptions, there always are. Some systems award 10th Dan to their instructors erroneously. It should be given the founder of a system or posthumously for extreme service or development of a system by an individual.

Often, for want of increasing ego, instructors have turned to inventing a system in order to gain 8th 9th 10th Dan's. However, mixing 2 or more systems together does not mean you have a new system, it just means you've got a big ego. Grades and rank are less important than skill and understanding. Just as it is possible to have a lot of money, but no class, so it is possible to have many black belts but no skilful expertise

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