Interview with Sensei McDade

Interview with my Sensei

By Christopher Christoforou

Steve Mcdade

  1. What is your name? My name is Stephen Mcdade.
  2. When did you start Jujitsu and how old were you? When I was 6 years old back in 1973
  3. What made you want to do Jujitsu and not another martial art? My father was my teacher and he told me it was the best martial to do.
  4. When did you get your first Dan and how did you feel? I passed my black belt 1st Dan in 1983 and I was 16 years old, I was a junior brown belt for three years before I could take my senior black belt, this was because they did not allow for junior black belts in Jujitsu back then.
  5. What do you do when you are not teaching ju-jitsu? I like to play with my little boy Danny he's 6 and my baby daughter Katie she is 2. I also like to watch telly and eat all the wrong foods
  6. Have you ever failed your grading and why? My father was my teacher and he made me train harder than anyone else, and he said that because I was his son I had to do a better and harder grading than the rest of the students to show that he was not showing me any favouritism. So I did not fail but trained very very hard so my father would be proud of me.
  7. What is your favourite move and why? To me Jujitsu is not a single move but a way of thinking. I never have favourite moves, as other people get to know what they are as you would keep doing them, I like to keep students guessing what I am going to do next, and they never do because I myself don't know until I am at the point of just doing it. (I hope that makes sense to you)
  8. Has anyone ever done something to you in the street and did you use your Jujitsu skill? Oh yes but I never tell stories, the best thing to do is run away and that is what I would do unless I had no choice
  9. Do you know any other teacher that is better than you that teaches another martial art? (I bet there's not!) There is always someone better, all you can do is be the best you can be and be happy with your inner self.

That is the end of my interview. ( PS I think you are the best martial arts teacher in the world!!!!!)

Interview with Royce Gracie

I've been training in jujitsu for nearly five years now, and taking it up is by far the best decision I have ever made. It is a complete fighting system. We learn punches, kicks, throws, locks, chokes, groundwork, the lot.

The thing I love most about jujitsu is that you don't have to be strong to apply the moves but, you rely on the technique.

Technique is using the minimum amount strength needed to apply the move so that you are not wasting energy or strength unnecessarily. This is the basis of jujitsu. Don't think that this stuff is all flowery and beautiful. It isn't. This is the real stuff for the street.

We have a wide syllabus which covers about every street confrontation and incident imaginable. And if you would like to ask about a certain technique then all of the black belts and most of the other students can help you and find the most comfortable way for you.

This is another reason why I love to train. The techniques suit anybody because everybody finds a different way to apply them, so that they feel comfortable applying the technique.

Little or no martial art experience, come down and train. It's a friendly club and everyone is here to help and better each other.

Interview by Jack Cronin (junior brown belt)

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